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Human capital economy

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Human capital is an economic value quantification of a person’s background and track record.

Identity Fund is a platform for connecting founders with early investors, engaging and developing relationships, building the network of adopters and customers.

For Investors

Identity-centric investment model

95% of startups fail because the business owners has committed one or more of the following fatal errors. Experience in founding of startup play the key role of future success.

With Identity Fund you can invest in founders' human capital behind any startup name.

For founders and entrepreneurs

Raise of human capital

An alternative investment model focused on iterative nature of metrics affecting the success of any business, where entreprenuer is the key metrics owner who becomes an object of investment.

Build your traction. Deliver results. Earn reputation. Fundraise your human capital on any stage, behind any comany name.

The one platform for human capital backed assets issue, crowdtraction and exchange

“Ultimately, there's one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself” – Warren Buffett

How it works

Human Capital backed assets (HCBA)

Product dashboard


Find the most promising entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers to invest in.


Use crowdtraction to validate the agreement made by the issuer. Crowdtraction is the decentralized voting of HCBA shareholders where negative vote is the investment reclaim (asset burn)

Increase profit

Increase your ROI up to 30% from dividend payout and HCBA market growth.

Human capital market

Market opportunities

Median founder’s equity of publicly traded tech companies is 15%*

Average founder’s equity of publicly traded tech companies is 21%*

— Combined market cap of Nasdaq-listed companies is roughly USD 7.5 trillions

Potential market size of investing in founders is USD 1.125 - 1.575TT as of early 2019